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About Us

Formula Car Hire offers businesses, private individuals, Charities, Event Organisers etc. the opportunity to experience the thrill of Formula style cars. Whether it be for a huge corporate conference or product launch, a live on track demonstration, or as a static display for a wedding or birthday. Formula car hire aim to cater for all your needs.


Owned and run by a true petrolheads, we aim to provide the best possible experience regardless of what your requirements. Working alongside our good friends at 'THE FORCE' who specialise in organising Historic Formula 1 Car demonstrations and Displays, we really can offer a unique service to our customers and clients.

The owner of Formula Car Hire is Lee Newnham. (myself). I have been involved with cars all my life. Since watching The Cannonball Run Film when growing up, and specifically the Lamborghini Countach opening scene, life has been about cars. When growing up throughout my teens and early 20's, i was heavily into the 'modified' car scene. As time went on, i moved in to th Audio Systems side of modifying. 

In the late 2000's, i was introduced to the Japanese car scene and more specifically the world of Drifting. From approx 2007, i have owned MANY Skylines, 200sx's, Mazda Mx5's, Mitsubishi GTO etc.. In approx 2014, i was fortunate enough (following a lot of hard work and saving), to buy my first Supercar, which was a Ferrari 360 Spider F1, in Grigio Alloy. From then on, ive been heavily into the Supercar world, having owned numerous supercars, including Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Mclaren. 


In 2016, i was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the 2016 Bournemouth Wheels Festival as a VIP in the Supercar Show element. This is where i met Lorina and David Mclaughlin, the owners of 'THE FORCE', and also the proud owners of Michael Schumachers Benetton B192 Formula 1 car. At the event, Lorina took part in a live demonstration of the Formula 1 car, alongside other Formula cars, all arranged by THE FORCE. 

Since then, i have been lucky enough to become close friends with Lorina and David, attending numerous high profile events with the Benetton F1 car, along with other Formula cars. This is really when my love for F1 anf Formula style cars has blossomed. 


In 2021, the opportunity came up for me to buy the 2004 Redbull World Series by Nissan Formula car. As soon as i saw the vehicle, i knew i was going to buy it. With the ever increasing prices on historic F1 cars, i knew that 'ship had sailed' but by no means is the Redbull a '2nd best'. It has the amazing looks, speeds, handling and sounds of early 21st century F1 cars, but within a 'reasonable' budget, and without the team of 10 guys that are needed to run it. 


This is what allows me to be able to bring the Redbull World series Formula car to you all, to see, hear and enjoy. Formula 1 cars of ANY era are becoming 'priceless' with most cars going to private collections, never to see the tarmac again. If they are more 'modern', from 90's onwards, most cars need a team of minimum 5 mechanics to run the car, making the ability to run these cars and bring them out for the public to see, more and more prohibitive. 

This is where Formula Car Hire is born. The opportunity for me to bring the car out, for Demonstrations, for Coporate events, Product Launches, Charity Events and Private Events, all at a reasonable cost. The Redbull is FULLY RUNNING FORMULA CAR. It can be used for Live Demonstrations, Static Displays, or simply just to fire up and MAKE SOME NOISE.. HOWEVER, this is not to say the Formula 1 cars are not available. Working closely with THE FORCE, we are in the position to arrange a package that suits and meets all budgets. Whether it be a single formula car static display, or a FULL GRID OF FORMULA CARS, we WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.... 

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